Sunday, June 10, 2012

Careful about what you pray for...(Family Fitness)

I had one of those moments this morning where I was admiring how muscular my legs are. (Hey, I don't have much else, so let me have this!) Last week, I had an opportunity to practice baseball with some other men while my son had baseball practice. I was fielding ground balls, line drives, and short dribblers at 2nd Base as Ruben tested me out. While I still had the skills, especially while wearing slacks and casual shirt, I definitely did not have any stamina. After the sixth ground ball I fielded at my old position, I was ready to quit. My pride wouldn't let me, so I depended on the mercy Ruben and Carlos to intervene when they heard me sucking wind.

This morning in my moment of narcissism, I thought about that lack of stamina, looked at my gut and chubby face, and said a short prayer to God, "God, I definitely see a need to get back into shape. I'm not ready to commit the time and effort to actually do it, but I do see the need for it." Stupid me, God will fulfill my every need even before I know I have that need.

Our family was watching a new show "Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition" when the trainer, Chris Powell, challenged the Couch Potato Audience to do 15 push ups, 15 squats, and 15 sit ups at every commercial break for an hour. We did it, no hesitation or procrastination just an immediate, spontaneous, "Just Do It!" decision. Turns out that both Liv had been thinking about getting fit as a family, and I have also been thinking about it ever since that day of huffing and puffing on the baseball diamond. It was during our second set of push ups that I realized that God had once again supplied one of our needs in a way I had not expected. This was just the first day, and I hope to write another post in the next year about how our family shed off the pounds and got into shape (well, Emma is already the dancing queen and in the best shape of all of us.) Our plan right now is simple, continue the Couch Potato Challenge, portion control on our food intake, and I am so darn tempted to do the Subway Challenge. Hey, after all, What-Would-Jerry-Do, right?

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