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Strength Revisited is based on my November 2013 TEDxCorpusChristi Talk about our need to redefine strength in manhood. In this book, you'll see how American society places "being strong" as a core characteristic to manhood, but a limited view of strength limits what men can do in their relationships, business and society. 

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Use Your Smartphone to Lose Weight 

by Jerry Dugan

$0.99 Kindle eBook on Amazon.

You are probably like me, not a fitness guru, but wanting to improve the fitness in your life.

If you have no time to get to the gym, stick to those resolutions for fitness, and you hate "diets", then you need to read my eBook

It was written by someone like you for someone like you.

I share my own story of weight loss, and tips on how you can harness the power of your own smartphone as a personal fitness trainer to reach your goals and resolutions!
  • 4 smartphone apps that helped me lose weight
  • Habits for success
  • Real motivation for real people

Testimonials from Amazon Readers:

  • UYSTLW is VERY easy to read and understand! 
  • He addresses [a] key's not just about weight loss; it's about life change. 
  • Use Your Smartphone can almost want to scare you away if you are not "smartphone" inclined, by Jerry makes everything so easy, and explains not just the how, but the why of the apps as well."

    Kimberly Moreno

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