Monday, June 4, 2012

Real-Life Comments Corpus Christi Weekend to Remember Getaway

Some people think that you need to have a hurting, or even failing marriage, to attend a marriage conference or retreat. Sadly, that is one of the worst myths I have every come across. Physicians around the world firmly believe with evidence-based research that preventive medicine is the best and cheapest medicine when it comes to the health of individuals. When you consider that the top two causes for divorce are money and infidelity, with reasons listed such as "we just grew apart" & "irreconcilable differences", logic dictates that preventive measures would have been the best and cheapest measure to begin with. Marriage resources such as A Weekend to Remember, The Art of Marriage, and so on, are not only meant for couples that are struggling. They are meant for good marriages as well. Why have a good marriage when you can build a great & strong marriage.

You can learn more about a Weekend to Remember by clicking here. Use Group Name "CorpusChrist" to save when you register to attend a WTR event.

Here are the Top Ten Comments that came from the Weekend to Remember in Corpus Christi, June 1-3, 2012 at the Omni Bayfront Hotel.

WIFE: We came in a state of distress. My husband is military and since we have been married, we have lived together about 6 months total of the two years since our wedding. I found out this past Christmas that my husband had been unfaithful. This weekend gave us hope for a brighter future, no matter how painful it might be to get there. It helped me see that God’s plan is not 50/50 but unconditional love that will make us successful. Married 2 years
HUSBAND: Brought my wife and I closer together and made me realize that I have been a jerk. Married 2 years
Before the weekend I was looking for a way out of our marriage. This Getaway made me excited and hopeful with the possibilities of our marriage. Married 8 ½ years

This weekend was our first time away since our boys left home and graduated from college. As “empty
nesters”, we are enjoying focusing on our marriage anew and establishing depth and intimacy that parenthood did not easily provide for. It’s given us a renewed desire to finish strong! Married 30 years

The Getaway helped me get my focus back on Christ. It affirmed that it is OK to not be perfect and reminded me to put our marriage relationship before work, hobbies, etc. I need to show my husband respect NOT based on his performance. Married 1 year

This weekend was a “slap in the face reality”. I’m not here to have a mediocre life and marriage and
fatherhood – but an awesome journey in this chapter of life. Married 8 ½ years

It opened my eyes to the way my spouse was feeling. It taught me what spiritual roles that we are both
responsible for in our marriage and offered a useful guide to work on creating the relationship we both desire. Married 2 ½ years

There were great questions to assist our conversations, excellent teaching to help us understand the opposite
gender, and a renewed motivation to make our “good” marriage, a “great” one! Married 1 ½ years

This Getaway renewed my faith and taught principles I wish I had been exposed to much earlier in our
marriage. It also taught me to accept what I can’t change and be appreciative of what I have. Married 37 years

We opened up and became totally vulnerable to one another…we were able to go deeper in our intimacy with one another. Thank you for the tools you gave us to get there! Married 11 years

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