Sunday, August 18, 2013

Take a Brake to See God in the Little Miracles

Guest post from Olivia Dugan

If you don't know how awesome, loving, and faithful God is, let me tell you a couple of stories...

Wrecker hauling our truck after brake line gave out.
Three weeks ago, while driving down one of the busiest roads in our city, our brake system completely gave out. We drove through a red light because of it. We were not hurt or hit at all! We just coasted into a parking lot whose business was closed for the day and waited for the tow truck to come pick us up. We were able to pay for some major break system repairs, but it completely wiped out our little emergency fund. We were thanking God it all worked out and we were safe!

Well, two days ago, Jerry dropped me off at my grandmas so I could travel down to the Valley with her, my mom, and aunt. Just a minute after we took off, Jerry calls that our truck won't start at all. We go back and give him a jump, and he takes Jacob and Emma to Wal-Mart because he figures it's the battery. While the battery is bad (and completely covered under warranty) it's also the starter, and maybe also the alternator. The news of these repairs completely freaks me out because we have no emergency fund left.

So, the truck is towed back to our house. Our new neighbor is outside and comes to ask Jerry what's happened with our truck. It just so happens that he has a spare starter in his garage that he was going to throw away next week and he's also super bored while off of work for a few weeks and wants to give it to us and install it just for fun!

Everything that happened this past weekend was completely covered under warranty, insurance, and given to us by caring people.

God is watching us every step of the way, and will always be there for you. You just have to be faithful, and He will too!

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