Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Dream Walt Disney World Vacation Tour

WDW September 2012
I recently read Michael Hyatt's "Creating Your Personal Life Plan" eBook, and took some time to think about my dream vacation. It's probably not on the life plan template, but I was thinking about time with family as an important part of my dream life. So, today I took a moment to share with my family my dream Walt Disney World Vacation Tour.

At first, it sounds like I just want to visit Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. No big deal, right? I am actually thinking about a world tour where we visit each of the Disney parks that are around the globe and spending extra time to get to know the surrounding city and culture itself.

Here is what I mean. Since we already visited Walt Disney World in 2012, we can consider that the finish line. So, our next trip would be to Anaheim to visit Disneyland and California Adventure spending a couple of weeks to also visit family and showing my own children parts of California that I had experienced growing up as well as parts I haven't.

The following year, Tokyo Disneyland, and we not only visit the park, but make plans to visit other sites of Tokyo. It wouldn't be much of an adventure if we didn't also take the time to learn Japanese as well.

Then, we would continue the course around the globe, so Hong Kong Disneyland (and Shanghai if it's open by then) and learning Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese?) as well as taking some time to visit the surrounding cities of those two parks.

Of course, there is Euro Disney, which I think it now called Disneyland Paris, and you may have picked up the pattern here that we will take the time to learn enough French to get along and spend time visiting the sites of Paris as well. Ultimately, I think we'd like to spend time visiting parts of Germany where Liv and I visited while we dated to show our children the places we talk about in our stories to them.

We would top off the tour with a visit to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I think it would be exciting to visit the World Showcase in Epcot and being able to speak to the cast members of China, Japan, and France Pavilions in their native languages and talk about their home countries with firsthand experiences ourselves.

What is your family's dream vacation, or vacations? Have you ever taken the time to write out a plan for your life? While life will throw opportunities and challenges your way, it is always helpful to have a written plan for those events so you know how to best capitalize on them for the life you intend to live.

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