Saturday, March 1, 2014

SMP: Hidden Mickey Pancakes

We didn't make pancakes this morning, but I wanted to share with you a Hidden Mickey pancake I made back in 2012. 

The pancake was eaten that day, but here's a picture of its memory.

These are extremely easy to make:

  1. Make the Hidden Mickey - Using a squirt bottle, make a quarter-size (talking U.S. Quarter, 25-cent piece for those who need specific guidance), and add two dime-sized ears as seen in the picture above.
  2. Let the Hidden Mickey cook until the topside is fully bubbled up. This will make sure that it is darker than the rest of the pancake.
  3. Pour a regular 3" to 4" diameter circle of pancake batter on top of the Hidden Mickey, and cook that pancake as if there were no Hidden Mickey.
Serve up these treats any way you like it. For some added fun, make a game out of who can find the Hidden Mickey.

What are some special ways you love to eat your pancakes? Is there a shape you'd like to see me try in the future?

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