Monday, April 28, 2014

My McDonald's Diet, a Book Review

When I launched my eBook, Use Your Smartphone to Lose Weight, in January 2014, my friend Scott shared a news story with me about a man who lost 37 pounds while eating only from McDonald's restaurants for 90 days. Immediately, I sought out John Cisna (Today show clip), the man in the news stories, to make contact with him, share my eBook with him, and see if he'd like to say a few words I could share on my blog.

I am still laughing at myself for that, because I had no idea of the media whirlwind Cisna was going through at the time. What amazes me more, he responded to my emails despite going through his the media frenzy! In fact, we were emailing back and forth at the time of this writing as he prepares to speak at a worldwide McDonald’s conference in Orlando about his experiment as depicted in his book with the hopes he can help improve the lives of others.

When Cisna asked if I would review a copy of his book called My McDonald's Diet (Affiliate Link) I did not hesitate to say, yes. He has reported losing over 60 pounds after 180 days of sticking with his McDonald's diet. Phase 2 of his weight loss plan is described in his book.

I would recommend this book for its inspiration, and consider it a great starting point for many who have found it difficult to stick to past efforts to lose weight. Similar to Use Your Smartphone to Lose Weight, Cisna's book is more than about a specific diet or exercise regimen although he shares that information in his book for his readers. His main points are about habits and consistently making the healthier choice throughout the day every day.

Why should you buy a copy?
Buy My McDonald's Diet for its down-to-earth, real-person inspiration. Our chances of success are greater when we surround ourselves with supporting thoughts and people. Cisna shares with us his own experiences while going through his McDonald's diet experience. How did he handle his doubters? How did he show thanks to those who supported him? How did he handle those tough moments when he had to stick to his plan while the people around him enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast? These are important lessons from which we can draw motivation for ourselves.

You don't have to follow the McDonald's diet itself, but notice that there are healthier choices available if you choose to eat at fast food restaurants, you can power through when people are doubting your ability to succeed, and you can see results if you stay consistent even on the days you don't want.

With that said, I liked it a lot and was able to read through it very quickly.

Not a Traditional Diet Book, AND I Gave It Five Stars! Here's Why...
1. He shares his experience going through his experiment and the fanfare that followed, his challenges, his doubters, and his supporters. We can learn a lot about creating our own stories by finding lessons and inspiration in the stories of others.

2. He emphasizes the importance of building habits. For many of us, the state of health truly is the result of our habits and we have to first build better habits from where we are before we can even begin considering eating "healthier" foods and gym memberships in my humble opinion.

3. This book is written for the Common Man/Woman. Ciska takes into account that most of us reading this book will be people with busy schedules, and go to restuarants on a regular basis. In other words, this book was written for normal, busy people to get started on lasting healthy life change.

Call to action!
Go get some motivation from John Cisna by purchasing a copy of his book, My McDonald's Diet, here. (Affiliate Link)

Then, download a free copy of Use Your Smartphone to Lose Weight, read it, use it for yourself, then write a review on Amazon for me here.

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