Thursday, June 4, 2009

The MoB Connection - June 3, 2009

Great news from Imagine Fellowship in San Antonio!  Imagine Fellowship, led by our own Kevin Joyce, was recently mentioned in an article about social media in use by churches in the U.S. and the world. Check out the article from June 2, 2009.

No Stone Left Unturned  We are almost finished with the Prayer Garden and it is looking great! Let’s all pull together and see this project to completion! Want to see the progress we’ve made, click here…

Gathering at the Cross  The Gathering at the Cross is a time for us to come together as men to pray over our church, saving the lost, and our ministry to be a shining light for the men in this world to follow. Stop by for a 5-10 minute Gathering in between this weekend’s services.

·        Saturday, between the 5:00pm and 6:30pm services

·        Sunday, after the 10am service

·        Sunday, after the 11:30am service

A Real Mob Boss is Coming to Bay Area Fellowship!  We couldn’t have a MoB Newsletter without mention of a former Mafia Prince coming to BAF. Michael Franzese is coming to Bay Area Fellowship on June 5 & 6 to share his story with us. Wear your MoB shirts if you got ‘em! You can also get an introduction into Franzese’s life by watching this video on YouTube, or visiting his website at

MoB Reading List  If you liked Pastor Bil’s message last weekend, you can read the book that inspired the sermon. Honor’s Reward: How to Attract God's Favor and Blessing by John Bevere is available on the following websites:

Check local stores for sales, and great prices. It’s also good to support our local economy when we can.

Opportunities for servant leadership:

  • Operation Prayer Garden Is Almost Finished (click here) Volunteers are needed and will meet in front of BAF at the cross every Saturday from 8am to 12pm to complete this project, and you can be part of this legacy. This is also a great teaching opportunity for dads to work alongside their sons. For more information, you can call Jeff at 361-510-6896. (Bring work gloves, knee pads, and a desire to serve God’s people.)
  • Need someone who can hang door frames for a widow. If you can help email  She has 3 door frames to hang.

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