Monday, October 3, 2011

Divorce Costs Businesses in Their Bottom Line.

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Employees in failing relationships cost employers money. There are substantial productivity declines for workers in failing relationships. These workers often have serious health concerns: increased stress and anxiety, increased rates of depression, and increased rates of substance abuse. These workers directly cost companies in higher healthcare expenditures and indirectly through societal effects of broken families
Conversely, employees in successful relationships increase profits for their employers. These workers are more stable, more committed to their employer, and are often considered more dependable and motivated. Employees in healthy relationships are also physically healthier, experiencing fewer chronic health problems like stress, anxiety, and depression, saving companies money in overall health care expenditures.
Divorce costs companies in productivity. Assuming that you had one $8/hour employee get a divorce it is estimated it will cost the company up to $3,770 per year.

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