Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Men Can Do Childcare

Childcare seems to be something that society expects to be done by mothers. Just look at commercials about baby products. Frankly, I think this robs fathers of an opportunity or two in life.

In fact, there are two reasons why I think fathers should spend time doing childcare of their kids (assuming they aren't single fathers).

1. You get to know your kids on a deeper level.

My wife and I both work, but she usually takes care of the kids since my work schedule has me gone most of the day. She gets to see them at practices, at homework time, mealtimes, and other routines that I miss daily.

There are priceless experiences in these simple moments that I get to enjoy when I take time to fill in for Liv. (Why does it have to be "filling in"?) I don't do as well as she does, but I get memories with my kid that I cherish forever.

2. You get to appreciate the mother of your child a lot more.

Chances are that the mother of your precious children does most of the childcare duties. She does this every day. While some of us think to ourselves she could be doing better, the reality is that she is DOING something compared to our thinking about doing something. Doing childcare can help you raise your appreciation for the other half of your relationship in my opinion.

What are your thoughts on dads doing childcare?

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