Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday Morning Pancakes - Bacon and Eggs!

I have a Saturday morning routine of cooking breakfast for my family, pancakes and bacon. 

From time to time, I like to add a little surprise by making shapes out of those pancakes. Mickey pancakes are the easiest for me, just pouring two silver dollar pancakes so they're touching another pancake.

Over time, and with inspiration from Jim's Pancakes, I began to make more complicated shapes. This was mostly because Emma would challenge me to make Minnie Mouse (add a pink bow), Christmas trees, spell out words, etc.

While I don't plan to put together a book like Jim's OMG Pancakes, I want to post videos like these from time to time and call the segment "Saturday Morning Pancakes".

What is your family's weekend routine? What do you do to intentionally connect with your family over a meal?
Tips on Making Pancake Shapes:

  • It's okay if you mess up a shape. You can eat the evidence before anyone sees it.
  • Since more time is involved in making this edible art, I like to serve up the pancakes as they're made rather than serve breakfast all at once which I prefer to do. That way your family isn't eating a cold breakfast.
  • Think in mirror image. You'll have to flip the pancake.
  • Have fun!

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