Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Hard to Accept" Teachings

Monday Morning Bible Study Notes
Study from Man in the Mirror

We read from John 6:41-71, last week's study was John 6:16-51.

Many people have a hard time accepting that Jesus is our salvation into eternity in Heaven. We think that we can earn our way into Heaven with good deeds, and even get upset when bad things happen to good people. However, one of the toughest lessons to accept is that our salvation is free to us because Jesus paid the ultimate price for us as a perfect sacrifice allowing us to have a personal relationship with God and gain access to Heaven for an eternal life.

In our discussion, we were asked how we could apply this lesson and help others process this "hard to accept" teaching. One reply was this, "When you die and go to speak to St. Peter at the Pearly Gates, What do you tell him when he asks you why should you go to heaven?" Many will name off the good deeds they accomplished in life. Others will simply say because I was a good person, or because I obeyed the Ten Commandments, or didn't break any of man's laws. How many people will answer correctly by saying, "Because I know Jesus Christ who gave His life for me, and I received His gift of salvation."

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  1. Jerry,
    That is an excellent insight into today's dilemma. I have been taught the same lesson that its because of Jesus and not our good works that will open Heaven up to us. I am thankful to have a wife that led me to Christ and keeps me grounded in my faith. God is good...


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