Sunday, October 20, 2013

How I am Preparing my TEDx Corpus Christi Talk

With just three weeks away before my first ever TEDx Talk, I am feeling the pressure and loving it! My priority for this week is to hone my talk into a well-structured outline. I won't write out the outline to include what I will say verbatim. It is to help me decide a flow that takes the audience on a roller coaster from "What is" to "What could be".

Here is the process I undergo with every speaking engagement:

  1. Begin with the end in mind - What is my final point or goal? What is the point of getting on stage in the first place, and what is the expectation of the audience?
  2. What are the steps needed to get from beginning to end? Knowing where I want to finish helps me put together the entire course from beginning to end.
  3. Pull together and organize content.
  4. Develop visual aids and learning tools as needed. The key phrase is "as needed". There may be a device that I really want to use because it's the coolest and latest thing, but the reality may be that it isn't necessary or helpful to reinforce the end goal.
  5. Rehearse, revise, rehearse, and repeat. There may be a story or joke I really want to use, but rehearsals may help me realize it needs to be cut. You may have noticed a theme of needing to remove something that isn't necessary. 
    Sometimes, there is missing content that needs to be added however.
I'm nervous no matter what I do, but I'd rather be nervous and prepared rather than nervous and unprepared. Oftentimes, the more nervous I am before a presentation the more prepared I actually am. It is when I am not nervous, even on "routine presentations", when I need to take a moment to think about what I am missing.

Leave a comment below. How do you prepare for a presentation? Do you find yourself using PowerPoint as a visual aid, or as a crutch?


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