Thursday, July 3, 2014

Episode 21 - Favorite Holidays, Open Communication, Golden Rule, and Platinum Rule

Alternate Title: Why, Adela, Why?! (Jacob’s response to this episode’s question.)

Summer 2014
My son has reached that time in his life where he is branching out in his teen life, and he finds himself feeling more embarrassed about what he can and cannot share with us. Our hope is that he will come to us for every aspect about his life, share with us things that are troubling him, and come to us with advice.

For that to happen, we definitely need to foster a relationship where he feels safe coming to us. Fortunately, Jacob isn't worried about us being judgmental towards him, but he is concerned that we would embarrass him or make fun of him when he does come forward. This episode was a great reminder to me that the communication I have with my son has to be in such a way that it builds trust so he can come to me with openness and I can continue to guide him through the most difficult years of his youth.

Jacob's question to Jerry: What is your favorite holiday?

Jerry's question to Jacob: What do you wish your parents knew about your life right now that we may not totally get?

Special thanks to Adela Garcia from Corpus Christi, Texas for the question I was able to ask Jacob.

Our question to you: How do you keep the communication channels open with your child? Are there rules or guidelines you keep about how you respond to your kids so they continue to trust you? What are must-dos and don’t-ever-dos you have in communicating with your child or teen?

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